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    Stock Reduction Items


    ERA Nurseries is a large-scale producer of tube stock. Production in many species quite often exceeds our requirements so we assess this from time to time and reduce the price accordingly.

    These plants are offered at reduced prices subject to the following;


    * The same conditions apply;

    * Sale price applies to selected items in this list only

    * 10 Plants minimum per species.(as opposed to 5 in full priced items)

     * 20 minimum per order, and thereafter multiples of 40 please

     *  Postage rates remain the same


    Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery at peak times


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    Baeckea virgata

    $1.95 incl GST
    tall baeckea

    Carex appressa

    $1.00 incl GST $1.95 incl GST
    tall sedge

    Corymbia maculata

    $1.50 incl GST $1.95 incl GST
    spotted gum

    Eucalyptus leucoxylon ‘megalocarpa’

    $1.00 incl GST $1.95 incl GST
    red flowering yellow gum

    Melaleuca decussata

    $1.95 incl GST
    totem poles

    Melaleuca squarrosa

    $1.00 incl GST $1.95 incl GST
    scented paper bark

    Poa labillardierei

    $1.95 incl GST
    tussock grass

    poa poiformis

    $1.95 incl GST
    blue tussock grass

    Stock Reduction Items